Grandpa hits a homerun with Dr. Brown!

Melissa's story, mom to Neil:
Lynn Haven, FL

Our new baby was struggling with his bottle-feeding. Since we adopted him, this was the ONLY method for us! After trying for a month to get the N** bottles to work with him, it would still take 45 minutes to one hour for one feeding, and he and I were both exhausted from the effort. Enter Grandpa! Unbeknownst to the family, my dad had gone to the local store and to our surprise walked in with a sack with the Dr. Brown set of three bottles. He gruffly told me "This is what you need to be using..." I was shocked: my 70 year old retired-army father was telling this new mom what she should be doing with a new baby! But he was right. Our next Dr. Brown feeding took 15 minutes and changed us overnight for the better! We quickly bought a set of twelve bottles, and are currently on the number 3 nipple. I wouldn't use anything except our Dr. Brown bottles!

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